Babu Rajendra Prasad has withdrawn all of his objectionable Comments

Babu Rajendra Prasad might have realized how the reaction is going to be if Film Industry is blamed for mistakes committed by his party and government. The TDP MLC passed objectionable comments against Film Celebs while questioning why they aren’t joining the movement seeking Special Status. Tammareddy, Posani, Kavitha and Kathi Mahesh breathed fire on the Council Member for insulting the Tollywood Celebs who had always worked for good causes. This has come to the stage that MP Murali Mohan complained to Chief Minister against the MLC. He seems to have received a stern warning from Chandrababu Naidu Today.

Rajendra Prasad has ripped Telugu stars apart and told them to learn from their counterparts in Tamil where Tamil actors, stars always stand by their people in the tough times. “Even in the issue of Jallikattu, Kollywood supported the sentiment of Tamil people and supported their cause,” Rajendra Prasad reminded them.Rajendra Prasad has questioned that how many of Telugu stars even visit Amaravati or the new state and spend their time here for a day or some days. Indicating that Tollywood stars only want collections from Andhra Pradesh but don’t want to support their people, their cause, Rajendra Prasad has given an ultimatum to the Tollywood actors to join the fight for the Special Category Status at least now. He even threatened to ban the films if the actors won’t come in the support of the Special Category Status.

On Thursday, Babu Rajendra Prasad has withdrawn all of his objectionable remarks. ‘My Comments might have hurt few people. But, I have no intention to insult or hurt anyone. So, I’m withdrawing my comments,’ he explained. The Council Member told his intention was to convey Special Status movement would received a huge boost if Film Celebs participate in it actively. He appealed Film Personalities to understand the actual essence of his comments and support Chandrababu Naidu for the sake of AP’s rights.

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