Volkswagen Unveils I.D. Buzz Cargo, a Fully Electric Commercial Vehicle

Volkswagen Unveils I.D. Buzz Cargo, a Fully Electric Commercial Vehicle

Volkswagen has unveiled the I.D. Buzz Cargo—an electric commercial vehicle. The cargo vehicle is very much ground-breaking with zero-emission and the company is planning to bring it into the market by 2021.
The vehicle has fully-automated ‘I.D. Pilot’ driving means (level 4). It is being showcased at Hannover in the IAA Commercial Vehicles. This is an advanced sibling in the I.D. Buzz model. The vehicle was first showcased in 2017 in Detroit. The manufacturing of the vehicle will begin in 2022.

The new Cargo car has been structured to be close to the production level. This I.D Buzz Cargo, same as every model in the I.D. Family relies on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). MEB which is dependent on the battery model and size makes it possible to cover a distance up to 330 to more than 500 km with just one charging.

The maximum load it can carry is 800 kg; the vehicle is 1,976 mm wide, 5,048 mm long and 1,963 mm tall. The wheelbase is 3,300 mm and the back overhang is increased by 106 mm thereby increasing the cargo model length more than the one showcased in Detroit.

Volkswagen since its inception is known as a company that initiates new technology and this I.D. Buzz Cargo is also one such initiative. The company has good hold both in the passenger & commercial vehicle segment and with this hold, there should be no doubt that its latest electric cargo vehicle too will do its magic when released in 2022.
Coming to passenger cars VW is doing well with its Polo, Tiguan & Passat.

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