How To Dress Yourself Up For Kids Birthday Parties

How To Dress Yourself Up For Kids Birthday Parties

Kids birthday parties are a lot of fun not only for little champs but also for their parents. And, once you grow 30, you start getting invitations for birthday parties. When you are at such social events, there aren’t any rules to follow and that’s something you have to keep in your mind as soon as you head out. Maintaining a hipster, trendy or a sexy look is not your aim for the night, rather you gear yourself up quite safely so that you may not end up in a mess. There’s no gossiping around or sipping cosmos, rather you have to keep your little one or the birthday kid happy. Yes, lots of things may go wrong on such parties and lots of unpredictable stuff can happen turning you from a glamorous beauty into a snotty, hysterical, howling mess. So, are you ready for such an adventure?

Well, one question that might bother you is exactly how you should be dressing yourself up for such parties. To be honest, your safety should be the first thing to keep in mind when you are devising a styling strategy for your next kids birthday party. Here are a few things that you should definitely keep in mind while dressing yourself up for such events.

  1. Avoid Dangling Earrings

That’s probably the most painful if it goes wrong. Even if you don’t have a child of your own, it is quite possible that someone might hand their baby to you for a few moments and the baby is attracted towards your dangling earrings. And, if that happens, they might want to hold it in their hands and pull it towards themselves. All that would do is to leave you in pain. So, it is better to avoid this one in the first place.

  1. Do Not Wear White And Expensive Stuff

When you’re at a birthday party where there are lots of kids, you can expect them to eat cake and have drinks quite inefficiently. And, the worst part is there aren’t many mom hands that will clean all the chocolate-dipped faces before those little darlings make up their mind to give you a hug. So, better do not wear anything expensive or in white color.

  1. Don’t Let The Kids Reach Your Hair

First and foremost, you should use a baby hair brush to have a properly tucked in hairstyle and must not leave your hair open and flying on all sides. Otherwise, you can expect kids to pull them up throughout the party and bear all the pain.

  1. No Peep-Toe Or Pointed Shoes

It is quite likely that you’ll be running all around and there will be so much of tom-foolery making it quite likely for somebody to stomp on your toes. So, it is better to wear something comfy and save yourself from all the possible trouble. When there are lots of cute and attractive kids around, you can’t expect anybody to notice what you’re wearing in the feet anyway.

  1. Avoid High Heels

You’d never want to leave the party with that guilt of actually breaking down cute small baby fingers. It is almost impossible for anybody to predict exactly where the crawling babies can pop up any time as they move quicker than you might think. And, while nobody admits it, all the mothers have stepped over crawling kids at some point.

  1. Avoid Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are a personal favorite for many and they really feel wonderful in it. However, these skirts are not the best thing to wear when you have to sit on floor or, maybe, crawl after the toy cars. So, it is better that you avoid them at birthday parties.

  1. Avoid Anything That Fits Tight

Remember that you will be entertaining yourself with just about everything that is there including that cut cake which pops into sight, so it is better that you focus on enjoying it rather than feeling uncomfortable because of your too tight dress. Better leave your shapewear at home and enjoy your time at the party.

  1. Dress Up Uniquely

Owing to the fact that we have ruled out the opportunity to wear those fancy shoes and that kids do not care much or know about the shapewear, you can try to wear something unique and something about which you’re doubtful on any typical night out. When you’ve dressed up unique, everyone will automatically notice you and you won’t have to bother about it at all.

  1. Cover Up Your Puppies

The relationship of babies with boobs is not so normal and if you will be displaying your lovely cleavage, you can expect to receive attention in quite an unexpected manner. Yes, if you manage not to keep a close eye on babies, they will quite likely go for a nipple grab. In fact, there can be many other unexpected things that you can expect to happen.

So, even if you love kids, you are going to be extra careful with your choices when dressing yourself up for a kids birthday party. Kids can act in an unexpected manner and you really have to be ready for just about everything. Described above are some of the common situations that you may have to encounter and you should, at least, prepare yourself up for these and dress up in exactly the same manner as advised. Quite hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid any kind of mishaps possible.

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