How To Impress Your First Date

Have you always wanted to date a girl of your dreams? Have you always desired to make an amazing first impression on them right from the first date? Have you always troubled with finding good enough ideas to impress your first date? Well, don’t worry. It’s quite common and happens to almost everyone. So, what exactly is there that you can do to impress your first date? Here we have listed a few Dos of having your wonderful first date and impressing her in your first shot. Let’s check out what you need to do.

  1. The Interview

You should have some good questions prepared and ready to get the conversation going and making sure you’re not embarrassed by not having anything to talk about right at the beginning of your first date. Remember, however, that you shouldn’t come up as some investigative journalist who is interested in uncovering all the information that might be there.

Rather, you should ask questions casually, let your girl answer them and then feed off your original questions with some more until it appears that she is interested in having a conversation on that topic. You don’t have to play rapid fire with her.

  1. Be Yourself

Many people try to be nice and artificial on their first date but that’s a big NO if you want to have a perfect first impression. As much as you try to be someone really good, you’re going to slip at some point and that will spoil it all. So, instead of doing that, you should relax and just be yourself. There is nothing wrong in being the best version of you by dressing up perfectly and choosing one of the best hairstyles at but that’s only how far you can go. If you have good sense of humor, you have to keep it just like that because it may be that sense of humor which might have brought you two to the table for your first date. So, you don’t really need to pretend anything and show her that you are somebody else because if she buys that fake persona now, you’ll have to act the same for times you have to spend with her in future and it may be for your entire life if you’re that serious about her.

  1. Phone Etiquette

Most of the first dates are killed by those annoying text messages that you keep checking again and again or that interrupting phone call that you have to take. If you don’t think you should leave the phone in your car, it’s best to, at least, keep it in the pocket on silent mode. That ensures neither you nor your girl has to be annoyed by that constant buzz right throughout the dinner. Yes, it will help you guys have a wonderful time and a perfect conversation.

  1. Don’t Be So Boring

You can ruin your date if you start boring her. So, always make sure that you learn how to ask her good questions which can keep your conversation going in an interesting manner. Keep it in mind that you are not on an interview table and you don’t have to hire her for some job, and that the person in front of you won’t be your assistant for the coming months or years.

So, it is advisable that you ask them some cool and engaging questions about their job, life, and stuff that actually keeps them happy. You’ll be surprised to find out all that is there to know about them.

  1. Let Her Ask You Something

Most of the men think that it is great to ask the questions and make her talk as much as she likes because of the general perception that girls love men who are keen to listen. Well, that’s quite unrealistic actually. It may work sometimes, but you should actually date women who are interested in knowing about you as well. If your girl loves to spend the entire night only talking about what she likes and what she doesn’t, not trying at all to discover stuff about you, you’d really want to decide whether she’s the right one for you or not.

  1. How Much To Open Up?

It’s a fact that she will love it if you open up and honestly tell her about whatever she asks you. However, you should keep one thing in mind that it is better to keep your life under wraps till the time you have one or two more dates together. Confessing about your recent bad breakups, or telling her that you’ve just been fired from your job, should be better kept for a later stage.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is important in whatever you do. And, despite the fact that you may feel nervous on the first date and your hands might get a bit sweaty, it doesn’t mean that you should start acting crazy in front of her. Rather you should take some deep breaths, try to calm yourself up, and keep reminding yourself that she actually agreed to be on date with you. So, chest out a little and let your confidence show on your face. Once you’ll do that, she’s definitely going to like you more.

So, try all these simple tips and tricks to impress your first date. You have to be spot on, at least, with these points in order to make a good first impression. Remember it’s your first date and you need to be a bit cautious about everything if you are interested in a long-term relationship. So, take it forward the right way.

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