Top Trending Android Apps Of 2018

If you are an Android user, it’s quite likely that you may be interested in finding out some of the best apps for the year that you can take advantage of in one way or another. To be honest, there are lots and lots of Android apps out there and they keep adding on and the database continues to grow bigger and bigger with every passing day. So, if you are interested in the top trends in 2018, here we have listed a few apps that you must check out.

  1. Alarmy

Alarmy is your perfect morning friend that will never let you get late from office. If you are a deep sleeper or you just find it hard for you to wake up early in the morning, Alarmy is the app for you. Even though online alarm systems like are good enough, but Alarmy really takes that up a notch as it ensures that you actually wake up. You can’t simply snooze it and the app requires you to complete a certain task like capturing a photo of some object already registered with the app or solving a mathematical problem in order to turn off the alarm. Yes, it knows how to wake you up and it does that to perfection.

  1. Google Drive Suite

It’s your cloud storage that you can access across all your devices with the help of a reliable internet connection. You can use the Android app to access it with your Google account and enjoy your free 15GB storage space. In fact, it is possible for you to have more of it as well if the need be but then you will have to pay for it. The suite includes everything from Google including Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Gmail. The suite features an app for doing almost anything and can help you boost your productivity a great deal. Some features that you might be able to enjoy with Google Drive Suite include deep sharing, compatibility with MS docs, and live collaboration. Such versatility is, probably, why the suite is on this top trending list for 2018.

  1. Google Maps

When it comes to navigation apps, Google Maps is certainly the best, accurate and most authentic solution around. The app is updated quite frequently and these updates are all meant to add to the generous features of the app and make it more useful and reliable for the app users. Besides the basics, the app allows you to access places of your interest, directions to different places like gas stations and rest stops, and traffic data among other things. It’s, literally, the best and you will really love it when you’d hear your assistant guiding you through to your next destination.

  1. LastPass Password Manager

It’s another must-have for the Android users. The password manager allows you to save all the login credentials you have for different online platforms in a safe and secure manner. Besides, you can use the app for generating passwords that are almost impossible to guess. There’s a master password that you can use to control all of it. The app offers cross-platform compatibility and you can use it on your computers, tablets, mobile phones and, literally, any device you have. You may get to know about different other password managers as well but this app will always keep you a step ahead of the game.

  1. Pocket Casts

If you love podcasts, Pocket Casts is probably the best app available for you and it’s been loved by users making its graph to go up this year. The app isn’t just good looking but it’s insanely stable as well and lets you to stream and download different podcasts to enjoy your time whenever you like. The app gives you access to both video and audio-only podcasts allowing you to catch up on almost everything. You can use the sign-in feature of the app to sync all your podcasts across multiple devices. There’s a decent enough recommendations feature as well that makes things even better.

  1. Solid Explorer

Whether you like it or not, you have to do some type of file browsing on your Android device at some point in time. So, why not have a fantastic file explorer up your alley. Want our recommendation? Go with Solid Explorer. The app comes with a material design and offers support for all popular cloud storages, archiving features and also for some power-user stuff such as FTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS and SFPT. It not just looks impeccable, but it’s unbelievably stable as well and serves its purpose to perfection.

  1. SwiftKey

One of most robust and customizable solutions available today, SwiftKey is your perfect third-party keyboard. The app was introduced several years back and introduced predictive engine that wasn’t there in other keyboard solutions available by that time. And, believe it or not, it has come a long way from that point and now it’s definitely worth an upgrade. The app is free to download while you have the option to buy themes as you like. Some cool features include a dedicated row for numbers, SwiftKey Flow that lets you to type with gestures, cross-device library syncing and support for multiple languages. The app is now owned by Microsoft but it still offers all the features that it was known for.

  1. TickTick

Though it may not be as famous as many other to-do list applications around, still TickTick is the best app available. It covers all basic stuff such as recurring tasks, push notifications, reminders, categories, and different organizational features. You can also use the app to share tasks as well as entire categories with the rest of your crew. With that feature, it really is a perfect app for families, small work groups, and groups of friends. It is also perfect for making your grocery lists. It offers perfect balance of functionality and ease of use and most of the important features of the app are completely free to use.

So, try these top trending apps of the year today and get to enjoy all the great features they have to offer. Your Android experience will be improved manifolds and you’re surely going to love it.

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