Ways to clean a Rug or a Carpet – Recommended by Experts

It’s been centuries since carpet and rugs have become a fashion trend. Before centuries, and many decades back, carpets are the source of the fan or the source of flooring then after some time, people started using it for the full flat. Except kitchen and washroom, each and every room including lounge and dining area, whole flat was covered by carpet. But in as the time passes, as people are becoming fond of fashion and style, instead of the whole area covered with carpet, only a few chunks of rooms have been covered by rugs. In order to place a table, or any decorative item, to make it a classy, subtle and elegant look, rug is the best option to use.

General Practice

Some people who are more into cleaning and keeping the things more clean and fine , they are using and they are spending their precious in finding the best solution so that they can utilize their time in making things according to their need, according to their style whether it is cleaning a cupboard, whether it is cleaning a floor, whether it is cleaning a carpet or whether it is cleaning a car, people are spending a whole bunch of money just make sure, that the things would look up to mark, the way they wanted it.

Range of Products

In order to find Best carpets, we have so many options in terms of colors and design that sometimes we tend to buy more instead of one. The ranges of carpets are simply increasing day by day which is making people more into changing carpet sooner than never. But if a stain touch the carpet, if anything rough touch the carpet, than for a person, who is into cleaning and who is more into keeping his or her things more refine and polished. Cleaning Carpet has always been a grave and critical task, people are using remedies, they are using chemicals, and even they are spending money on things that could make their carpet look as a renewed carpet. There are some people too who do not care or wish to clean their carpets, now what happen is, a dirty and filthy carpet becomes the cause of disease and it affects the health of people. Which results spending money on medicine, so it is better to spend money on things that could make their carpet look cleaner rather than spending money on medicines.

Cleaning Methods

There are several ways that could help in cleaning carpet or rugs. Just a person needs to know when to use the right time and right amount of stuff to clean your carpet. The vacuum cleaner is always the part of the house, when you buy a house, the first essential thing also include a vacuum cleaner in it. In order to clean a carpet, vacuum cleaner can help you a lot. Vacuum cleaner has many pieces in it that a person needs to know why these pieces are there. Mostly people use only part to clean things, but each thing needs specific part of vacuum that could clean in a better way. In order to clean the edges of carpets, the nozzle in a vacuum and the baseboard in a vacuum cleaner can do the task. It will go under the couches, through the edges, it will also go the sharp places where a broom can’t reach. So it will clean better. Move the vacuum cleaner brush horizontal and vertically so that the edges can clean easily and it can reach the fiber and the thread of carper. It will help to release the dust from the carpet, but this just to clean carpet from dust, what if the there is a stain on the carpet then what to do? Before starting to clean the carpet, it is better to analyze that what type of stain it is. Because then it will help out the cleaner to use the specific remedy for specific stain.

Makeup Stain

If there is a makeup stain, or something that has oil it in or grease in it, then the best way to clean a carpet or to clean the stain is to scrape it out. Once you have done this put few drops of rubbing alcohol on the stain, then pick a cloth or a small towel, clean the surface area of carpet which has alcohol on it. Rub it with more pressure, and if a stain is deeper than you need to do this many times in a day after a few minutes.

Rust Stain

If there is rust stain in a carpet, then what you need first is patience because such stains are not easily removable, it takes time and right remedy. Add a few drops of lemon on the rust stain and then add cream of tartar on it. Use hands and rub it smoothly, then leave the solution for like 15 to 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, you will notice that rust stain is no more on the carpet. Use a wet towel and rub the area to dry it and remove the solution for it.

Fruits colors are the like the strongest stain that need time in order to vanish it. Stain of cherries or fruit juice. Hydrogen peroxide is your key for such stains, or one or two caps of this on the carpet. Add only 3 percent solution which is easily available at any drugstore. Leave or only minutes then don’t rub it, but only dab it with a cloth or even you can use a sponge to dab it. Then leave it to dry. And you will see no more organic stain on the carpet. And if there is mud on the carpet, use dish wash soap and use warm water to rub it with a towel.

So basically, warm water and shampoo is not always the best solution for cleaning a carpet stain. Each pigment has specify cleaning remedy which one need to identify and then use the right remedy for it, otherwise it will ruin a carpet with a permanent stain.

Price Comparison

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