BTS’s new solo from J-Hope, ‘Blue Side’ releases on Hope World Anniversary

The multi-talented J-Hope, a member of BTS, surprised the fans with the release of his new single ‘Blue Side’ on the third anniversary of his first mixtape of Hope World.

This 2021 complete version of ‘Blue Side’ from his first mixtape came three years later after the original was released. The rapper, singer, dancer and songwriter released a solo track after months of anticipation, treating his fans to his reworked version of one of his most popular solos ever on Sound Cloud and YouTube.

J-hope wrote the new version of Blue Side which has become a fan favourite instantly. he also worked with ADORA and Hiss Noice, who are frequent collaborators of BTS. The cover art for the full version of the song features doodles by Korean contemporary artist, Eddie Kang.

J-Hope explained his reasons for the new and complete version of the song in a letter to his fans. . “I can’t go back to that time but I needed a moment where I could caress myself in that time to prove comfort,”  J-Hope wrote according to Spotlight BTS’s translation. he also expressed that he found the answers as to why he couldn’t finish this song. He shared his thoughts on Bangtan Blog, where he said, “I wanted to show how much I’ve matured musically in that time. This is a song I am also revealing to show that in future, moving forward, I’ll continue to challenge myself to show you the growth in me”.

Blue Side is the first solo release of the rapper and dancer J-Hope since 2019’s ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ which featured Becky G. This song made him the first BTS member to earn Billboard Hot 100 hit on his own.

Even his Hope World mixtape debut peaked no.38 on the Billboard 200, which made J-Hope the highest-charting Korean soloist at the time of song release. Hope world also hit No. 1 o the iTunes album charts of over 70 countries within less than 24 hours of its release.

So are you a BTS fan? Have you heard the full version of Blue Side yet?

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