Ji Soo’s Agency KeyEast Releases Statement in Response to Accusations of School Violence

Actor Ji Soo’s agency KeyEast has released their statements regarding his school violence and bullying accusations, which were made against Ji Soo on 2nd March. They stated that they are attempting to verify the truth and are also willing to speak with the individuals that raised issues.

A post was uploaded on 2nd march by an anonymous netizen, who claimed himself as the Former school classmate of actor Ji Soo at Seorabeol Middle School between 2006-2008 years. He alleged that the actor was a delinquent and bully during his school years. He further stated that Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence. He wrote, ” Kim Ji Soo had a bigger build than the other kids his age at the time. Starting in his second year of middle school in 2007, he roamed the schKeyEastool as a delinquent and performed all sorts of bad deeds.”

He specifies that his claims that Ji Soo and his friends forced his classmates to buy them cigarettes and threw food at other students during lunchtime and laughed at them.

After these accusations, other netizens also came forward claiming themselves as Ji Soo’s Former high school classmates. They accused him of sexual assaults. According to a netizen, Ji soo skipped school a lot and was a womanizer. He filmed himself having intercourse with another student in the bathroom and even shared that video with his group.

KeyEast agency of Ji Soo has released the statement immediately after these claims. They assured the public in their statement that they are looking at this incident seriously and apologized for causing people to concern about this issue.

The agency further said in the statement, ”We will begin by receiving e-mails about the issues and collect information about it without any distortions. Also, if the publisher of the posts and people who raised the issue will allow it, we would like to hear their opinions on the issue personally”

They also earnestly requested people to avoid creating and posting parts that have not been confirmed from the information that is being spread indiscreetly.

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