Weekly Horoscope from 2nd May to 8th May 2021: Health, Business, Love and Life and everything else


Your week will start with happiness and far from last week’s scene. You may decide to visit spiritual place and even make some donations over there. You will win legal battles with the help of blessings from elders. Your performance at work will be good and you will get appreciation from your boss on your dedication levels. Projects on hold for whatever reason will start again. You may get some new opportunities with your luck and lead to positive impact on life. Mid week will also be filled with many opportunities at work. Couples can expect good news in terms of welcoming child in to your family. Influential people will help in the growth of business. Singles will find their soulmate. You may have negative vibes in the last days of the week. You may make silly mistake that will affect your project. You may spend your money on worthless stuff. Postpone plans to take trips and avoid rash driving. Try meditation or chant mantras to find peace and get out of this messy scene.


The week may not be off to a good start. You may face mild health issues. Current projects may get closed for some or other reason. Sibling disputes may proceed to legal battles if not dealt carefully. Don’t try to get last word in the arguments, it’s even better if you don’t talk much in those situations. You may seek spiritual guidance in search of peace. You may need to keep plans for new partnership for some time. Students need to work hard to achieve their goals. Messy situations may get under control by mid week. You will resolve disputes with your siblings. Projects put on hold will restart again. You will improve your social status by involving yourself in art and designs. You may decide to donate to spiritual places or charity. Lovers will have their quality moments that will add happiness to their relation. You may get busy with work by the end of the week. You may plan to find a new job. You need to be patient when making decisions concerning finances. Your bond with your spouse will get better with quality moments. Job seekers will get good opportunities.


You may start a new partnership business this week with the help of an influential person. You may include innovative ideas in your business. Past health issues will be under control now. You may plan to renovate or redecorate your work area. You will find the right balance between your home and work life. Any disputes between you and your spouse will be solved now. Your mid week may have negative influence. You may get a bit arrogant and cause conflicts with everyone around you. You may face controversies in business with partners. With blessings from elders, you may come out of awkward situations and use your knowledge certainly. Lovers may plan to get married. Last days in the week will be favorable. You will get uneasy in some situations and can overcome them with support from elders. You may visit religious places with friends. You will succeed in your workplace with luck on your side. Lovers may decide to move the relation to marriage level. You may find a better job opportunity.


You will have opponents and enemies under control. You will minimalize mistakes that will give you confidence you need. Money stuck somewhere will be recovered. Your business will get on to a faster track. Health problems from past will be treated properly. You will get busy with your work but still make some time for your family. Your improvement in performance will show well in your work. You may find support or get help from friends for investments in business. Things may turn bad by the second half of the week. Your investments may turn out zero. Current projects may be closed for no apparent reason. You will analyze yourself to find where you have done wrong. You may face some skin related issues or have stress and discomfort. You will find calm in last days of the week. Your paused projects will start up on their own. Drink plenty of water to avoid infections and such. You will spend time and reconnect with your family and friends.


You will start off this week happily and confident. You will be helpful for people in your society and gain yourself a good name. Students will get good results in exams. Your knowledge will be helpful in solving problems. You may take few courses to brush up skills required for your career in future. Singles may find their soulmate. Past health issues will be cured. By mid week, your boss will appreciate your work performance and dedication. You may spend money on renovating or decorating your home with some artifacts. There will be negative days at the end of the week. You might be in middle of conspiracy when in reality has nothing to do with you. Rude words can escalate quickly to unnecessary arguments. Avoid rushing in decisions about investments. Chant mantras and practice meditation to get through weak moments and gain mental strength.


You may start off the week with negative feelings. Sadness could be the root of your arrogance. Maintain patience and polite speech even when you don’t want to. As you keep working, you may push your loved ones away and break harmony at home life. You will find inner strength soon enough to resolve this situation. You may be busy with kid’s future planning in the mid week. You might be low on self-esteem on find for ways to rectify that problem. You may face problems in terms of financial gains. Singles will have to postpone their plans to get married. Think well before you start new investments. You may have to pay the future investments for long terms. Your income will increase and help in pay for business in future. Study will study hard for their future. You will resolve health related issues.


You will be at your best at the start of the week. Your completion of work on time will give you a boost of confidence. It also helps in decision making for business. Students will get good news about their results for admissions. Singles may find their soulmate. Your impatience about something may show in your performance at work by middle of the week. You may have to monitor your children to control their naughty behavior. Things will eventually get under control by the weekend. Your work efficiency will improve. You will implement new innovative ideas at work place. You will buy some artifacts to redecorate your home. You may give away some money for charity or religious place. Couples will have their happy moments.


Your good control over expenditure will boost your financial health. Your polite speaking will gain you respect in the society. You and your spouse together will take some decisions related to home life. You will see that children are in good health. You will have the stand to ask for more incentives along with your salary at work. You will reflect on your work in the middle of week. Don’t expect too much in terms of benefits when in business partnership. You may work late and may not attend family function. Lovers need to be honest with each other to maintain healthy relationship. You may make silly mistakes at work and home. You may face disruptions in your routine life in your weekend. Your arrogance may hold you back from taking advice from your well wishers. Avoiding argument will worsen things at home. Meditation is suggested to get out of uncomfortable situations.


You will be happy and confident with your life. You will provide your help in solving problems for others around you. Your decision making during tough times in business will benefit you in near future. Lovers will find ways to finally move forward to their next step to marriage. You may be busy with family functions in the mid week. You may have new opportunities at work to prove worth. Singles will find a good match. You may take short trip for expansion of network in business. You may feel detached from responsibilities in the last days of the week. Read documents carefully before you sign them for investments. Take good care of your parents health. Avoid rash driving and going on adventures for a while.


You may not sleep properly and feel restless. You may have some health issues causing delay in routine life. You may get betrayed by your friends. Don’t take any financial decisions regarding your business. Couples may not be happy with their time together. Singles may shy away from the idea of marriage. Your health will improve by mid week. You may take difficult decisions regarding work and home life. You may invest in family business. You will be focused on your goals. Children’s health may not be the best right now. You will settle disputes with your siblings by the weekend. You may make time to have fun with family and friends. You will also meet influential people who will help boost your network. You may receive important calls regarding business. Lovers will have happy times again.


You will find yourself with many opportunities in terms of benefits. You may start on projects that will get you good gain. As you increase your network, so will your status. You may buy into some property or other possessions with the help of your friend. The late evening of 3rd May will change to negative vibes. You may feel detached and bored. Maintain safe measures while driving. You may suffer from mood swings and get confused. You may get arrogant on rooting these issues. Lovers need to stop arguing before it leads to breakup. Your weekend will turn out positive. You will take important decisions on family front. You will be focused on your goals. Your efficiency will increase and you may plan innovative ideas for business. Lovers will take the next step and decide to get married. Singles will find their soulmate.


You will be filled with peace and happiness. You will have new opportunities in business that helps in their growth. You may get some good orders for your business. Job seekers will find a good job. You may decide to renovate your home. You will have happy and romantic moments with your spouse. You may hear good news from your relatives in the middle of the week. You may decide to brush up your intellectual knowledge by reading some new books. Past health problems will be cured. Couples may get good news in terms of child birth. You may take on stress for the decisions you make. Meditation will help in focus towards your goals. Last days in the week can be the time for health issues. Your expenses may effect your savings. Your inner strength may be restored at last and help in decision making. You may get promoted and can expect small compensation for your hard work.

This is how your week from 2nd May to 8th May has been predicted based on the position of the sun, the moon and the stars. For more details and daily horoscope.. Visit The News Voice!

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