List of RM Collaborated Songs

Kim Nam-Joon better known as RM which means RAP MONSTER. RM is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer is also the leader of the South Korean famous boys band group BTS. The people in the music critics have defined it as a Rap Monster because he wraps non-stop adopted this stage name because it felt it was cool.

Although he is a rapper he actively wrote poetry and has often received awards for his writings when he was a student. RM largely learned English through watching the TV show Friends with his mother. Being the manager and leader of the BTS, RM also tried his luck in a solo career and we must say he was very much successful in that.

RM took his solo career on to another level and has collaborated with many international celebrities as well.


Change, the single which includes RM and Wale together for the very first time the song has some impeccable amount of rap in it. The song includes the real issue in the world right now such as drugs, girls, cars, and money.


The song was released in the year 2018. In the song, RM collaborated with Seoul. In the song, RM describes his tense relationship with the place she calls home where he says he has a harmony that is familiar to him.


This is not only our favorite song but also RM’s one of the best songs in a recent interview RM stated that he wants this song to be played at his funeral the lyrics of the song is written by of course RM and RM has a stated everything that he has gone through in his life and that is why the meaning of the song has some Deep lyrics.


BTS’s Rap Monster proves his rap and songwriting skill with FANTASTIC featuring Mandy Ventrice. The rapper wrote his lyrics himself. With the song, RM won’t disappoint you. This song is about suffering and trauma.


This song was RM’s 4th track from his second mixtape album MONO. The song included eAeon. The song is very dark, melancholic, but still, it is very fascinating. The song is very well praised by music critics. RM is a very close friend of eAeon.


This song had a monochromatic theme song on the album. The theme has a black and white mix of emotions. And at one point in time, you will get involved in the song and the lyrics will give goosebumps feelings.
TIMELESS The song Timeless was the song by Drunken Tiger which featured RM. The song gives you an experience of hip-hop and in many lines of the song, RM gives a tribute to the song and albums written by DK TIGER.


The song is a collaboration between BTS boys RM and Jungkook. The song will make your heart melt , A romantic song which states a confession of love in its lyrics. I Know is a song that every couple can relate to.

Mention your favorite RM collaboration.

Image source: BTS’s Official Twitter.

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