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KPop songs with the MOST addictive choreographies! BTS, SHINee and others; Watch below!

The key to survive in KPop world is dedication and patience. Learning the lyrics with much dedication, patience to memorize the dance steps because not everyone can dance like a KPop artist. Yes! You heard me right! Since the start of KPop, there have been numerous groups, countless songs and infinite choreographies.

There are many amazing choreographies in this industry. We can’t deny the fact that, these dances are also the selling point in this Music industry unlike the Western artists. Their dances are simple yet complicated, catchy, stylish and just right for people to fall in love with the song and the dance. The best part is the Point choreography, the major point of the whole choreography.

We can say choreographies play a major role in a song’s success. So, we are looking at some of the super addictive dance moves. From foot-tapping to trendy hip-hop, KPop has it all.


ITZY member Ryujin’s shoulder dance after the first beat hits is the highlight to the whole dance. Ryujin is in the center, moving her hands and shoulders in rather fast-paced rhythm, first with arms closed and then wide open. This is just the first step, watch for more amazing dance moves!

BTS’ Mic Drop (2017)

One of the most memorable choreographies of BTS is for the song Mic Drop. The dance moves in this song are not too complicated but very unique and makes your body move subconsciously! This isn’t the only one though, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Go Go, DNA have amazing choreographies too.

SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong (2009)

This famous song has catchy lyrics and dance steps that gets stuck in our head for days. The steps are actually pretty simple in this dance video. They’re fun and groovy and insanely attractive.

TWICE’s I Can’t Stop Me (2020)

The song is amazing and don’t even start me on the dance moves! They are so addictive, I’m not even kidding! The leg split during ‘Red light’ and the waist swing at ‘I know it’s not right’ are just perfect.

Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry (2009)

This is another groovy song with visually satisfying dance moves and easy to replicate. You can’t just listen to the song and ‘not’ do the chorus step. This old classic is simply amazing!

Rain’s Rainism (2008)

How can anyone forget the Bad Boy step from this contemporary R&B beat. It’s been 13 years and the dance moves stay memorable. They are simple and smooth and the song is like heaven to one’s ears.

Share your most addictive dance moves from your list with us in the comments below!

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