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Top KPop male solo artists you should have on your playlist!

While KPop groups are great, the solo artists are simply amazing! The South Korean industry has many of them! If you are new to the KPop industry and you looking for good tunes to listen to, this is your guide.

Solo artists make great music, they even lend their angelic voices to KDramas making them a whole lot better. Here we have Top 10 male soloists that should definitely be on your Spotify playlist.

Jackson Wang

GOT7's Jackson Wang would love to learn Indian dialect : Bollywood News -  Bollywood Hungama

He is absolutely charming. From Korean songs to English songs, he has the ability to merge them with his Chinese heritage. He’s a singer, dancer, entrepreneur and a fashion icon. His songs as a part of GOT7 are mostly in hip hop and pop genre. His top songs include hook chorus aite, aite, aite’s Papilon, Oxygen- a song dedicated to his fans, Bullet to the Heart- the lead single from his hit album Mirrors.

Kang Daniel

List of awards and nominations received by Kang Daniel - Wikipedia

This former Wanna One group member is also Korean Entertainment industry’s youngest CEO of KONNECT Entertainment. Kang Daniel is one of the most popular KPop soloists. Almost all of his songs are groovy and would make you want to get up and dance. His top songs are What are you upto, Waves, Who are you, Paranoia.


EXO's Baekhyun Reveals Unique Taste In Women

The hit song Candy singer was a part of famous KPop group EXO. He started his solo career in 2019 with the first album, City Lights. Baekhyun was a powerhouse with his diverse and powerful vocals and a velvety voice. His single UN Village is his most unique song with smoky vocals, angelic voice in electronic/ballad genre. His songs you shouldn’t miss: Take You Home, UN Village and Psycho.


SM Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding EXO Chen's Marriage  - Koreaboo

He’s popular for his OST on Everytime, the hit drama Descendants of The Sun. He has lent his voice to many other KDramas and made them magical. He was a member of the EXO group and has started his solo career in 2019 with the album April and a Flower. He started his service in military on October 26 all the more reason to remember him and love his songs. His songs you should definitely listen: Cherry Blossom and I’ll be there.


Dean: 'I Don't Want to Settle for Less' -

He is considered the R&B Prince of Asia. He has become popular just after his debut in 2015 with the song Pour Up ft. Zico. He’s not just a singer but also a songwriter. When asked about what kind of music he wants to make, he said he wants people to feel what he feels when they listen to the song. Some describe his songs as a hybrid of hip-hop, rhythm and blues, jazz, punk and electronic. His songs you shouldn’t miss: Come Over (ft. Baek Yerin), Bonnie & Clyde, Pour up.


Updates on Zico, What is He Doing Now After His Departure From Block B? |  Channel-K

He was the leader of the boy band Block B, later he started his solo career in 2014. He’s very versatile about the genre of the songs he releases. He’s done it all soft, lullaby to heart-thumping, disco songs. Try these songs: Bermuda Triangle (ft. Crush and Dean), Pride & Prejudice (ft. Suran) and I am You, You are Me.


Taemin, the boy who finally made it big: K-pop star from Shinee and SuperM  is a model of perseverance | South China Morning Post

He debuted as a member of SHINee in 2008. He has been nicknamed as ‘idol’s idol’. His singing is absolutely amazing! Here are some of his songs you shouldn’t miss out on: Under my skin, Press your number, Sexuality and Criminal.


Super Junior Yesung Attacked And Hurt By An Obsessed Fan | KpopStarz

This Super Junior member started his solo career in 2016 with his EP Here I am. He’s known as the king of OSTs for his incredible works in OST tracks. Mostly, his songs go under emotional-ballads. His latest song, Pink Magic is bubbly and catchy giving you the feel of falling in love for the first time. His songs you should try: Dreaming (Hwajung OST), It has to be you (Cinderella OST), Paper Umbrella.


Song Review: WOODZ (Cho Seung-youn) – Love Me Harder | The Bias List //  K-Pop Reviews & Discussion

His name is Cho Seung Youn. His first debut as a solo artist was in 2016 under the name Luizy. He participated in Produce X 101 and even got selected in group X1. After the disbandment, he returned to his solo career under the name Woodz. He actually debuted as a rapper in the group UNIQ in 2014. His songs to try: Love me harder and Bump Bump.


Gaho Photos (3 of 11) | Last.fm

Kang Dae Ho aka. Gaho is known for his OST for Itaewon Class. He makes covers for other artist songs on You Tube. He’s sung for hit dramas like Itaewon Class and Start Up. Check out his songs: Start Up, Running and Time.

These artists are just some of many talented and brilliant ones. Tell us about your favorite top solo artists in the comments below!

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