Tamil Actor Vivek: Passes Away following Heart Attack

Famous Tamil actor Vivek, known for films like Anniyan and Sivaji, had suffered a heart attack. His condition seemed to be critical. He was admitted to SIMS Hospital in Chennai after he complained of chest pain. He died following the cardiac arrest at 4:45 am in Chennai on Saturday.

The actor was recently vaccinated for COVID-19 on April 15. He also released a statement over why he chose to get vaccinated at a government hospital over a private one. He said, “I want to make a point that the vaccine is safe. This doesn’t mean we will not be effected by COVID-19 if we get vaccinated. We still need to be careful. The vaccine decreases the possibility of getting effected and assures we don’t get effected severely.” He had also spoken about the public safety measures to keep ourselves safe.

The actor was on ECMO support. It was revealed that the cardiac arrest was not related to COVID-19 vaccination. The 59-year-old actor was admitted to SIMS at 11 am yesterday in an unconscious state. He underwent emergency coronary angiogram followed by angioplasty. He was admitted after showing acute coronary syndrome with cardiogenic shock.

A cardiogenic shock is a condition of heart when it is not able to pump sufficient blood that the body needs and occurs due to severe heart attack.

According to the doctors, Vivek had complained to his family about chest pain. The doctors ruled out any link with the vaccination he took on Thursday for COVID-19.

Vivek is considered one of the most talented actors in the Tamil Film Industry. He acted in more than 220 films, and he also received Padma Shri in 2009 from government of India for his contribution in arts.

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