Shailesh Kolanu’s social media post goes viral

Shailesh Kolanu’s social media post goes viral
Source: Twitter

Director Shailesh Kolanu, known for his hit films HIT 1 and HIT 2, is currently working on a new project called Saindhav, which features Victory Venkatesh in the lead role. The film’s shoot is currently in progress, and while many expected Shailesh to team up with Nani for HIT 3, he surprised everyone with a social media post that went viral.

In the post, Shailesh shared a photo with a boy named Pawan and revealed that he had invited the boy and his family over for breakfast after Pawan messaged him on social media while he was traveling from Kakinada to Hyderabad. Shailesh also visited their house with a surprise and praised the family for being lovely. He also mentioned that Pawan’s mother is a big fan of Venkatesh and is excited to watch Saindhav.

“This is Pavan. He saw the post about my ride from Kakinada to Hyderabad and DMed me inviting us to come home for breakfast. Surprised him. Such a lovely family. Punugulu thinipincharu Pavan amma. So yummy. Was thrilled to know that amma is an ardent @VenkyMama fan. She said she is going to watch #Saindhav fdfs,” Shailesh wrote.

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