Best Exercises for Toe Pain

By: News In Bits

Most toe stretches increase mobility and flexibility. Others increase toe strength. Some are good for specific conditions.

Toe Lift and Spread

Can do it one or both foot at a time. Put on a rubber band to increase resistance.

Big Toe Pull

This increases mobility and flexibility in your big toe. Can use hands or belt instead of towel.

Ball Roll

While rolling the ball, focus on the painful areas to work out the knots.

Toe Flex

Flexes all the toes and improves functioning.

Toe Extension

Feel this stretch under your hand by massaging the arch of your foot with your thumbs.

Finger Toe Stretch

This stretch releases pressure on misaligned and painful toes.


This strengthens your toes and lift the arch of your foot.

Toes are small but important parts of your body. Stretching increases blood flow to your toes which relieves pain and swelling.

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