Difference between Heart attack and a Stroke

BY: The News Voice

Both heart attack and a stroke happen suddenly and require immediate medical attention

Both result in the lack of blood flow to a critical body part. The first aid actions may differ but immediate action is necessary.


A stroke occurs when there is a disruption of blood flow to your brain. It could be either because of a blockage or a ruptured blood vessel

Both instances result in lack of oxygen to the brain. When that happens, the brain cells start dying rapidly.

Identifying a stroke:

- Facial drooping - Arm weakness - Speech difficulties

A heart attack occurs when blood flow is restricted from reaching the heart by plaques that develop over time.

Heart Attack

Heart attacks could happen suddenly or can build steadily over few hours or even days.

- Chest pain or Tightness - Pain in arm or shoulders - Pain in back, neck or jaw - Shortness of breath - Dizziness or Fainting


Prevention is better for both cases, by stress reduction, exercising and healthy diet.

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