DIY  Soy Candles at Home

By Team TNV

Soy candles are quick and easy to make at home and take around 10 mins to make.

Who doesn't love soy candles? They are natural, burn longer at cooler temperatures and produce far less soot.

These make great birthday, holiday or appreciation gifts!  You can customize them according to the occasion.

Prepare your cans for candle pouring and put your preferred wicks; thread or wooden etc.

Place the pitcher with wax flakes in pot of boiling water.  Add your chosen essential oils after melting.

If you prefer, secure the wick with wick holder and pour the melted wax slow and careful.

Allow the candles to cool down for about 2 hours. They will turn from clear and yellowish to opaque white.

Now remove the wick holder and cut off the excess wick to your preferred length.

You can easily prepare batches and keep them at hand for any unexpected events and occasions.

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