Gorgeous ways to wear Green

BY: The News Voice

Want to add the touch of Green to your Wardrobe?

There are many shades and hues of Green to choose from that are actually on trend.

To put together a great outfit featuring green, you will of course need a perfect green top, skirt, pants or dress.

Check out this green top that would go perfectly with high waisted jeans. You could also opt for a brighter hue and white jeans.

According to an old saying, pink and green are fit for a Queen, and we can see why!

White and Green looks clean, fresh and very stylish. Olive green jeans and white tee gives a great casual look.

This stunning number is the perfect choice for fancy date evenings.

If you are looking for an alternative to your go to black dress, how about this green dress. Its an unexpected choice but a striking one!

A dark green is also a lovely option, especially for a night out!

This smashing jump suit is easy on the eye  and can be worn with an animal print for high contrast

As green is such a strong color, you don't need to overwhelm your outfit with more details or accessories

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