Maximise Your Glutes with These 5 Killer Exercises

By Kavya

There are several exercises that can help you strengthen and tone your gluteus maximus muscles. Here are five of the best exercises:

You can do step-ups to activate your glutes. You can make this easier or tougher by removing or adding weights.


Doing single-leg squats activates both your gluteus maximus and your gluteus medius muscle.

Single-Leg Squat:

Performing lunges help you activate your gluteus muscles. It also helps to prevent lower body aches and pain.


You can do planks with variations, especially with hip extensions that help you work on your gluteus maximus.


You can do side planks and hip abduction targeting your gluteus maximus. While doing a side plank, just lift your top leg, taking support of your bottom leg.

Side Plank:

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