Pizza Connoisseur Career?  Maybe Not

BY: The News Voice

Who doesn’t love pizza?  No  one.  This is a fact of life.

But working in a pizza place is a character building experience, because dealing with so many different characters on the field is not a piece of cake..

Getting Lost

New to the job and getting lost in an unknown neighborhood is every delivery guys nightmare


You have to wait: in traffic, for people to answer the door, to find their missing purse, for the chef to give all clear, in shop till closing time even if none wants pizza at that time...

Knocking on wrong Door

The Hope The Excitement The Confusion The Awkward Pause The Realization The Embarrassment The shady Apology

Delivering to someone you know

"So, this is what you do now..." Apparently there's nothing you can do against the snobs who look down on working class men and women

Bad Phone Line

People who are driving when ordering a pizza are the devil for anyone answering.

"Can I have the change please?"

Some people are blissfully unaware of how important tips are for delivery drivers

How can we forget those crazy and weird orders some people give!  Stay tuned for more crazy challenges!

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