By: News In Bits

Simple Steps To  Make Shami Kabab

Soak half a cup of channa dal for 30 minutes.

Add two tablespoon of ghee in a  pressure cooker. Next, add cinnamon stick, cloves, green and brown cardamoms, black peppercons to it and mix thoroughly.

Next add Mutton or Chicken, some salt and red chili powder (as per your taste)in the pressure cooker.

Cook for 5 minutes and then add the soaked dal along with a cup of water.

Let the mixture cook (usually  for about 1-2 whistles) turn off the flame and allow it to settle down.

Again switch on the stove and cook it until the mixture dries up.


After you take it out, let the  mixture into a bowl and then refrigerate for about 30  minutes to get a thick paste.   Then add onions, Chilies etc


 Make semi-flat balls out of the mixture and then let it refrigerate for another 10 minutes


 Add some ghee to the pan and fry the kebabs until each side is golden brown and a bit crispy. Serve them hot with some chutney.