The Best Time to Walk for Weight Loss

By Team TNV

No one likes to be overweight.

However, maintaining the right weight range doesn't come easy.

Especially the discomfort that comes with it, you just can't settle for less.

Regular exercise, proper diet, not eating late, are only amongst the things to do.

With Exercise,

walking has been proven to provide great physical and mental benefits to the body.

But what's the best time of the day to walk for weight loss?

Generally speaking,  the best time is in the morning.

Weight loss, diabetes management and early morning inspiration are some of the benefits of an early morning walk.

If you're not an early morning walker, pick any other time you feel more comfortable with.

Want more productivity with walking? Then maintain a routine.

If it's a morning walk, stick to it. If you prefer an afternoon walk, your call. And If it's evening walk, whatever works for you.

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