The Big Five: Common Triggers of Food Allergies

By Kavya

Even little exposure to the allergic food can cause an allergic response in people with food allergies.

Eggs are a common cause of food allergies in children, which can lead to stomach issues and skin reactions.


Peanut allergies can result in a significant allergic response, and avoiding peanuts and products containing peanuts is the only treatment.


Shellfish allergies are triggered by tropomyosin protein, and the only way to treat it is to eliminate all shellfish from the diet.


Wheat can also trigger an allergic response, and having a wheat-free diet is one option to get rid of this allergy.


Soybeans and products containing soybeans can also cause an allergic response, and the only way to treat it is to eliminate soy from the diet.


To diminish allergic response, it is recommended to avoid foods that can trigger allergic reactions and consult with a doctor for appropriate treatment options.

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