Things That Speed Up Greying in Men

BY: The News Voice

All men want to look good at all times. After all, they need good looks to stand out and also attract females.

Sometimes, things don’t always go right for men. Some uncontrollable conditions appear and mar that dream of becoming the next Chris Evans.

One of those conditions is what is commonly called Greying hair.

We will be taking a look at what speeds up this condition in men

Most men like puffing cigarette often.  And unknown to them, the consequences usually materialize in the form of grey hair.  And grey hair, as you know, isn't all that sexy.



Stress is one major accelerator of greying in men. Like smoking, stress can make your hair look like that of a 70-year-old.


Ah! Here is a very common accelerator. Men experience accelerated greying because of how they age, which is down to genetics.

Not Taking Enough Water

For several generations, water has proven to be our elixir. Not drinking enough water also results in grey hair. You shouldn’t take water only when tasty!

Coconut Oil is an effective remedy for Premature Greying Hair

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